Jonli Water Services Inc.’s Mission

Our mission: To deliver the best products, the best service and to be the best Water Filter Company in Montreal!

  • Thinking of getting rid of your plastic bottles?
  • Are you sick and tired of filling up those jugs of drip carbon filters?
  • Thinking about what you may be drinking when you have water from the tap?
  • How about that article you just read about plastic that leaches into our water?
  • Want to stop adding to our landfills and make a personal statement, because doing something is at least in your control?
  • Do you think your company is spending too much on bottled water?
  • Been told water filters are expensive to install? Want to get a free installation?
  • Been told water filters are expensive to have and want the greatest quote on the market?
  • Tired of being ignored by your water company and want friendly, timely and fantastic service?

At Jonli Water Services Inc;

We know our customers!

We ask the right questions!

We are the best in Montreal!

We believe in the philosophy of safe, clean, healthy, sustainable and affordable water!

That is why we are so good at what we do. You can depend on us to get the job right the first time and do everything to keep you a happy customer!

Water you know is safe to drink

Water is essential for life and our health. How many of us drink enough water or end up drinking beverages that we know are not good for us. Staying hydrated and drinking safe water goes beyond a lifestyle choice. In the work environment, our choices reflect who we are and what we care about. We love promoting healthy water solutions with great tasting water. The convenience of bottle-less water coolers and filter systems is the next logical step, and taking responsibility for our planet in this small way makes your contribution count.

From our water filters to our own office and homes, we are true to the philosophy of healthy water. We take being green and sustainability to heart.

Our offices only drink water from our filtered water systems. We also recycle and reuse all of our paper on the flip side.

Social Media

All of our posts are focused on environmental-responsibility, sustainability, personal responsibility to our community and water issues in our own back yard and globally.

Thinking Local

We have a water blog and our active social media reaches out into the world but what are we doing locally?

By promoting the concept of a plastic free water source, I believe we are influencing and teaching the concept of making sound decisions, not just regarding saving money, but regarding the importance of a healthy sustainable world. No more heavy bottles to lift, no more empty and full bottles on the floor, and yes to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. Sure, those are enticing incentives, including encouraging business owners to give up their bottled water, but caring deeply about what you put in your body and taking a small step to saying no to plastic, that is empowering to our community.

We have over 4,000 installations across the Montreal area, mostly in organisations, schools and universities, hospitals, corporations, banks, financial institutions and manufacturers.

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