Jonli Water Services Inc.’s Story

Who are we?

Our Story

Jonli Water Services was founded over 20 years ago. It is a deep father’s love of his two children, Jon and Lisa, which gave rise to the name.

As a water filter company based out of Montreal, and one of the pioneers in the efforts to change people's minds about bottled water and their water choices at work, we have made a lasting impression on the way companies and institutions deliver water in the work place. The founder’s greatest wish is to stand out as a consistent provider of the most excellent service, which is why we have over 4,000 installations across Montreal and its surroundings. Most of our clients have been with us for years. Our reputation and good name is priceless!

Our History

Our marketing strategy before “being green” became popular was to show how you could save money by switching from bottled water to filters. But we also cared about the environment and health issues as more and more media reported the hidden health risks, including higher bacteria counts and micro plastic particles found in water studies as well as the growing problem with landfill sights and our carbon footprint.

However, our biggest selling point has always been a combination of forward thinking, health, cost saving and convenience. Let’s face it; lugging those bottles around is a pain, storing them is a pain, changing them (even if it’s not you) and the worse annoyance, having to run out!

On a more personal note, filtered water ties in with our values;

  • helping companies (cut costs)

  • cutting down on global plastic use

  • sensitivity to water scarcity and conservation

  • proponents of a healthy lifestyle and the environment

Actually, we love water as much as we care about our planet, our community, our innovation and our inspiration.

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